We are 2 architects who, up until awhile ago, used to sit at the office just staring at the computer screen day after day. What we really wished was to be able to make more sketches by hand and build models from paper and cardboard. 


We started Curious Kits out of a desire to see children's education and entertainment done differently. The sight of children being glued to various mobile and electronic devices made us question if this is indeed the best way for children to develop a sense of curiosity and learn about the world around them.

Through Curious Kits, we hope bring hands-on fun back into learning.

Our story:

Our philosophy:


Children are inherently curious and always asking questions; and it is through asking questions and figuring out the answers that children learn and gain knowledge. A child's curiosity should be encouraged and developed, not stifled.


Curious Kits aim to enhance the learning experience by presenting your child with a series of questions and guiding him/her to finding out the answers. This is accomplished through engaging in various fun and meaningful hands-on activities. The activities that go into each Kit have been rigorously tested and chosen, and put together to provide your child with a holistic learning experience on a selected topic.



We were two diligent children who studied really hard in school for the sole purpose of achieving good grades to be able to get into good schools. Yet, having graduated from the whole educational process and stepped out into society, we realised that 

grades may be important, but they really aren't everything!


What's more important is that one develops a positive and pro-active attitude towards learning, because learning can take place at any place and time. By developing the habit of questioning the world around us, we will never stop learning and empowering ourselves; and that's why it's important to stay curious!


In the process of developing Curious Kits, we came to realise that there are still so many things we don't know about the world around us. We had a lot of reading children's books, googling "questions that children ask", eagerly testing each other with these questions and mocking each other for not knowing the answers. It was a learning process for us both too, and it was one filled with laughs and giggles.


This is the kind of experience which we hope Curious Kits will be able to bring to you and your child. Who says that one can't have fun while learning?

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